Martin Luther King JR. National Day of Service

MLK Day is not only a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is also a national call to be of service to your community.

The Houston community is always ready to serve. Although COVID-19 restrictions have limited the ability of many to come out and serve, there were still plenty of opportunities to safely donate time and energy.

We were so excited to see so many tools and PPE go out to various charities and civic groups, this year alone over 300 tools went out to various projects. We went out when Career and Recovery serviced the Third Ward community on MLK day. This event was in service to some of their clients who live there.

We wanted to show that not only do we aim to serve people but also the communities where they live.
Cathryn Martinez
Development & Volunteer Services Coordinator

Following COVID-19 Mandates, they screened many of their volunteers who arrived and then provided them with PPE, requiring masks throughout the entire cleanup. A little over 50 volunteers came throughout the day, helping to remove debris and clean up a vacant lot that had been an eye sore in the community for years. Using trash grabbers, weed eaters, rakes and shovels, they ended up filling an entire dumpster full to the top with waste. This event took just under 4 hours to complete and the phrase ‘many hands make light work’ was put to good use. 

The Houston ToolBank was proud to have been a small part in the bigger picture of this event. Although our tools were used, the volunteers and coordinators of this event really put them to good use and we are proud to have assisted in their ability to do this work. 

It obviously wasn’t business as usual this year for the national day of service. As always there is a sense of gratefulness and dedication to the task at hand, but this year really highlights the sacrifices the leaders and volunteers make for the betterment of their neighbors. Seeing people from different communities come together to assist their neighbors is exactly what helps us persevere. 

Without the help of the Houston Toolbank we would not have been able to shed light on the disparities in the Third Ward. We were able to do in 4 hours what has been asked of the city for months.
Cathryn Martinez
Development & Volunteer Services Coordinator

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