New partnership with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

The Houston ToolBank is excited to announce a grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to support an increase in sustainability at the ToolBank.

The first part of the grant is in support of our new rain capture system, which includes the installation of a 500 galloon metal rain tank to gather the water that falls on the ToolBank’s roof. The roof, which is over 12,000 square feet, will collect 85 gallons per inch of rain that falls. This rain will be used by our staff, members and volunteers to clean tools, saving water and reducing runoff into the Denver Harbor neighborhood.

Rainwater capture system, with information panel to teach visitors!

The second element is support for two off-the-grid shipping containers that will be placed in Katy and League City areas for remote pick ups and drop offs. These Neighborhood Tool Hubs are part of our expansion program and will help to ensure that our tools are easily accessible to the entire Greater Houston area. These Hubs will be custom fabricated with smart locks and separate rooms and lockers to accommodate a range of tool orders, and will be equipped with solar panels so they can operate completely off the grid. Additionally, the Hubs will save gas by allowing delivery of multiple orders much closer to project sites in these communities.

The Houston ToolBank is super excited to partner with the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club. As a program that encourages a shared inventory of tools, the ToolBank is an inherently green nonprofit. We can’t wait to be even greener!

Learn even more about the Sun Club by clicking the image below.

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