STORY #1: Single Father of Three Still Recovering

“A single father of 3 on a teachers income explains how his insurance did not cover all of the work and upgrades needed for his home, and the difficulty of his rebuilding journey that he is doing on his own with very little support.”

I’m doing it all by myself, not getting much help; can’t afford any help. I know there are many of us in the same situation.

Houston Responds, and its partner coalitions have launched the ‘Far From Finished’ campaign to raise awareness of the crisis that still exists in our communities and to engage more volunteers through local churches to expedite recovery for families in need.

With the decline in media coverage of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, it’s easy to drive around Houston and surrounding cities and think things are ‘back to normal.’ For tens of thousands of families, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These families are still displaced or living in unrepaired homes. The number of volunteers engaging in the recovery effort has also dwindled, slowing down the rate at which families can be helped.”

The ToolBank is featuring this series as a reminder to our network that there is still an incredible amount of work to be done, and that there are many ways to get involved in helping your neighbors.


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