The Volunteer for the Martin Bailey Garden Project (Stage 1)


Houston ToolBank is excited to not only partake in Disaster Relief, but we also like to lend our tools for local community led events. The Volunteer for the Martin Bailey Garden Project (Stage 1) was a project Hosted by Vox Culture, “This eco-garden is a green space that will produce resources for students, including food and educational opportunities.” 

Nguyen T. Nguyen of the Rotary E-Club of Houston was the leader of the event. This event was planned by both him and the assistant principle of Margaret long wisdom high school. With over 30 other volunteers; students, faculty, the Rotary E-Club of Houston, and the Houston ToolBank. I had the pleasure of being present to watch the tools being put to use in a positive way that impacted the way Margaret long wisdom high school would be viewed by the current student and staff, including future one’s. 

Filling the Garden Beds

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the assistant principles about how one of the purposes of the garden was “In the memory of Mr. Martin Bailey,  [He] was a alumni of the first graduating class of Wisdom HS and remained a highly active alumni board member who continuously advocated and strived for the embetterment of the students at Wisdom High School.”

This was one of the many non-profit projects the Houston ToolBank lends it’s tools to. So lend a helping hand to us or a volunteer project, or even a hammer!

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