Resurgence Garden

During the first and second World Wars, 

people were encouraged to plant “Victory 

Gardens” in an effort to ease the pressure that 

was placed on the public food supply. 

The effects of COVID-19 have resulted in a similar
burden on our food supply. We are encouraging
the Houston community to empower themselves through
the construction of their own resurgence garden. Planting
a resurgence garden is a great way to create your own healthy food
source and provide a therapeutic escape during this period of uncertainty.

The ToolBank has opened a gardening-specific tool inventory for individuals to borrow for
constructing and maintaining a resurgence garden. From pruners to wheelbarrows, we have
all the tools you’ll need, at no cost to you, to plant your own fruits and vegetables.

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Join us in this community effort to plant your own resurgence garden. 

Contact Nancy Clippard at 

or call us at (713) 674 0262 

for more information 

*Don’t have enough room for a garden? Volunteer at Community Clean up Projects with our partner Keep Houston Beautiful