NEW! Tool Delivery

We know that Houston is a big place, and that often the logistics of getting your tools to your project site can be a challenge. We’re excited to announce that tool delivery is now available to any ToolBank member, for a fee. While we always want to keep things accessible to our members, fees ensure that we can pay for fuel and staff time to bring your order to you. The fees are as follows:

Please keep in mind: You are hiring a driver, not a heavy lifter or team of people. It does not include unloading or loading the items – just as we expect help loading at the warehouse, we expect help at your project site. We simply do not have the staffing to provide unloading services for you. Please ensure you have a few people around to help out.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

What if I have to cancel my order?

If you cancel before 72 hours prior to your event, you will receive a full refund. Anytime from 72 to 24 hours, and you will receive a 75% refund. Within 24 hours of pick-up/drop off, you will receive a 50% refund. These rules are in place because we will be blocking off substantial time for your delivery, and may be turning away other borrowers due to your order. Staff also pulls your order ahead of time, and will have to put items away for last minute cancellations.

What if I need to postpone my project for a few days?

We understand changes happen. If you let us know at least 48 hours before your event, there will be no charge. Anytime within 48 hours, and you will pay an additional 25% on top of your existing fee. Keep in mind: changing your delivery day close to your event is subject to availability of our staff. You may be required to pick up items, in which case your full delivery fee will be waived.

What if I am late to meet you for the drop off?

We understand that sometimes things happen. If you anticipate being late, let us know ASAP. After a short grace period, there will be a charge of $1 per minute late once we arrive on site and you are not there.

What if I have to leave before you arrive to pick up the tools after my project?

This is a serious NO. There MUST be someone on site to keep an eye on tools and help us load the truck. Tools left alone will be subject to an immediate $50 charge, plus the cost of any missing items. Also, your ToolBank membership will be suspended until the Executive Director approves reinstatement.

What if I decide last minute I want my tools delivered?

The ToolBank is willing to make last minute accomodations only when our existing appointments allow it. All deliveries requested under 24 hours before your need will be subject to and additional 25% of the base fees listed above.

Will you unload everything while I sit back and watch?

No. We will only be sending one driver to drop off your items, and while we have a truck with a lift, we cannot unload or load alone. If you need a complete delivery of items including offloading and loading up, we suggest you hire another third party service to pick up from our warehouse.

As always, never hesitate to call us with any questions you might have. We look forward to safely lending you tools for your next community project.