COVID-19 Operating Procedures

With caution given to public health guidance, the Houston ToolBank will continue to lend tools. While we are eager to ensure you have access to our tools, safety of staff and volunteers – both ours and yours – is our top priority. In the interest of public health & safety, we are implementing important changes to our tool lending program.

We are, as always, by appointment only. We are STRICTLY following this policy.

The ToolBank is always appointment only, however at this time we are strictly following this rule. If you show up without warning or call us when you are “on the way”, we will not serve you. Please allow us 48 hours to get your order set up. We may sometimes be able to fill same day orders, but only if you CALL US ahead of time.

Remember, your drop off is also an appointment. The same rules apply. Due dates are not appointments.

We will be operating through our After Hour Bins.

The Houston ToolBank has 4 storage containers that can be used to pick up and drop off orders. Bins can be accessed any day of the week at any time and can be opened with a 4-digit code. Please call us to reserve a bin with a ToolBank representative.

Follow group size and social distancing guidance from public health officials.


These guidelines are often changing, but we suggest you check the CDC and local municipal and state websites for the most up-to-date information. This may mean limited the size of your team, wearing masks, practicing social distancing and/or working on outdoor projects. If you or someone in your household feels unwell, stay home.

Clean and disinfect all of the tools before and after use.

It is your responsibility to disinfect all items after you pick them up, and upon project completion. We are working on getting a washing station set up outside our facility, but for now you will have to provide your own supplies.

For hand tools, please check out the latest guidelines on cleaning surfaces. For power tools, if working with a water based solution, wring out a damp cloth to ensure electronics don’t get saturated. 

Remember, all COVID-19 related orders are free. Just make sure you let us know when you call to schedule your appointment.

As always, never hesitate to call us with any questions you might have. We look forward to safely lending you tools for your next community project.