Hurricane Harvey Disaster Update

September 15th, 2017

Latest recovery effort stats:

50 Tool Orders
10,000+ Volunteers Served
Over 1400 projects
$370,000 worth of FREE tools in the community helping with relief

Big Thank You to Shane from Richmond ToolBank and Johnathan from Chicago ToolBank for flying in to help with operations. Next week we are hosting Rachel from Baltimore ToolBank and Aaron from Chicago ToolBank.


September 7th, 2017

Kat Pepmeyer, Executive Director for the Cincinnati ToolBank flies to Houston and sends tools to help with filling tool orders.  Hunter Riley, Co-founder and CEO of Schlep flies in to lend a hand with warehouse operations. Schlep handles tool logistic for the Chicago Community ToolBank.

September 4th, 2017

Thursday (after five days of rain) was the first day the Houston ToolBank could return to the warehouse and resume lending. Orders immediately went out the door. Hot items out of stock now include; sheetrock saws, utility knives, flat head shovels, rubber gloves and boots, shop vacs, floor squeegees, generators, and brooms, wheelbarrow, sledges, fubars, buckets and even snow shovels. Anything that could clean up and muck out was loaned out in the first few days. Matt Walenciak from Atlanta Community ToolBank showed up with a van of floor scrapers and squeegees that lasted an hour before they went out in one order.

The response for tools is close to overwhelming. Nonprofits are showing/phoning up and placing orders on the spot – some are not even in the system as word spreads. When possible we are filling what we can same day.

Here are few stats from the first three days:

  • $200,000+ worth of tools out the door
  • Two dozen different agencies picked up (some more than once) including Woodway Church, All Hands, First Baptist Church of Porter, Team Rubicon, etc.
  • 6,000+ volunteers now using blue tools to cleanup Houston
  • 20,000+ first repsonder hours have been donated by the volunteers using ToolBank tools
  • Sheepdog Disaster Relief has donated a box truck full of brand new tools (be here Thursday)
  • 25k Stanley donation
  • $15,000 donated from over 100 individual donors on Facebook and through the site
  • 25 volunteers (including board members) have shown up to paint tools, count inventory, fill orders, test generators and power washers, organize stock to make room for more, etc. It’s a bit of glorious chaos covered in blue paint and pizza as everyone wants to help.
  • Houston’s new 14’ disaster box trailer was completed one month before Harvey hit. It was loaded up and taken by Team Rubicon to deploy tools and use as a command center.

September 1st, 2017

The Houston Community ToolBank is ready to serve communities affected by hurricane Harvey. With more than 14,000 available tools and items, we are supplying disaster relief efforts with a broad range of items including chainsaws, generators, sledgehammers, wheelbarrows, shovels, tables, chairs, ice chests, and more. Current efforts include coordinating with Volunteer Houston, VOAD and Team Rubicon.

If you are affiliated with an organization interested in borrowing tools for disaster recovery, please visit our first time borrower page. Our website has step-by-step information regarding the sign-up process. We recommend using Internet Explorer during the sign-up process.

Eligible borrowers include not-for-profits, schools, places of worship, neighborhood organizations, and crisis first responder groups. Over 200 member agencies have already joined for free. We are not currently equipped to handle individual cases, but we are happy to support all humanitarian efforts involved in hurricane Harvey disaster relief, and to refer individuals to valid volunteer organizations.

For larger tool requests as available our disaster trailer can be deployed to assist with distribution.

There is no cost to borrow tools in times of disaster. Access to ToolBank tools eliminates the need for agencies to incur the expense of purchasing, renting, insuring, repairing, and storing tools, dramatically reducing the costs associated with community service projects and allowing these agencies to focus more of their resources on their mission. To date, we have saved member agencies over $2,000,000 in expenses.

For press, tools or information inquiries, please contact Erika Hornsey at 713-380-8807 or

Support the ToolBank and donate today.

To volunteer for the Houston Community ToolBank please contact

Hours of Operations

Monday to Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Tool requests outside operating hours will be on a case by case basis.


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