Houston ToolBank 2020 Recap

Houston ToolBank 2020 Recap

As we enter the year 2021, we at the Houston Community ToolBank would like to do a quick recap of the year and the changes we all experienced. 2020 was a year for creativity and the expansion of health and safety for the Toolbank and all the nonprofits we serve. The Houston community was able to find new ways to serve their neighbors while keeping the nonprofit community afloat. 

Our ToolBank Team members are still working through this pandemic, providing tools to our member agencies, who continue to risk their health and safety to serve the Houston community in numerous ways. We chatted with our staff to see how everyone’s year went, both personally and professionally.

  • Sum up 2020 in 1 word
  • How did 2020 change your working habits
  • How were you able to stay positive during this hard time
  • What does 2021 look like going forward
  • What is one new hobby you picked up during quarantine
Erika Hornsey

Executive director

Mia White

Communications & Developement Director

  • We spent much more time working remotely. I greatly miss seeing member agencies every day and all of the banter with the team!
  • Working with a positive team made it easy!
  • Nonprofit organizations are experiencing a greater need for their services and anticipate a challenging funding landscape in 2021. The Houston ToolBank will be needed more than ever, and we are ready to serve.
  • Signing-up for free webinars and then not attending.
  • I work mostly from home now, coming in about once a week just to see colleagues and keep connnected to the goings on at the ToolBank. I also started working part-time with Charlotte ToolBank, which has added a little variety to my routine.
  • I make sure to take a walk almost every morning and I’ve actually become more connected with family this year which has helped keep me sane.
  • I think the beginning of 2021 is going to look quite similar to 2020 – and then hopefully by summertime, we will start to see some bigger projects again.
  • Indoor gardening and composting. Having a worm farm has been a surprisingly entertaining hobby – and it’s earth friendly too, since food waste in landfills creates greenhouse gases.
Nancy Clippard

Volunteer & Warehouse Manager

Colleen Womack

Data Manager

  • We went from operating in person to only operating with the use of the After-hour bins. This forced us to be more organized and prompt with orders, so they were in the bin ready for pick up on time but also quarantined for the proper time when returned.
  • Luckily, I work for a nonprofit, where no matter what was happening, everyone was staying positive for the community. Plus we were still able to be out there supporting our community, whether it was COVID testing or food drives, we were providing something good during this crazy year.
  • 2021 will be a catch-up year. The beginning will be slow due to COVID, but I suspect us to be slammed by next fall when everyone feeling safer!
  • Sleeping, there wasn’t much else to do!
  • I allowed myself to take breaks, so my eyes had a chance to rest from the glare of my computer screen.
  •  My coworkers kept me laughing constantly!
  • I feel 2021 will be a year full of hope and new beginnings!
  •  Signing up for free webinars that I knew I had absolutely no intention of attending!

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