City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation Volunteer Project

One of many of our member agencies have recently partaken in a positive community event. We love being able to lend out our tools to our members who are actively and positively serving in the community. Take a look at the wonderful things this member agency is doing!

Tammy DeLosSantos is the Grant Writer for the City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation. They recently held the Apache Tree Planting Project at Crenshaw Park and Preston Medians in Pasadena TX on February 1, 9-11 A.M. There were 100 Volunteers from Pasadena ISD and other local volunteers. The project consisted of an award that was awarded to the organization with a tree grant of 100 trees by the Apache Corporation. The ToolBank has helped this organization by filling in the gaps when they didn't have enough tools, ladders, generators, etc for various projects.
Volunteers tree planting at the park

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