College Memorial Park Cemetery

College Memorial Park Cemetery is one of three remaining African-American cemeteries established in Houston in the era of racial segregation.  It is located at 3605 West Dallas at Dunlavy in the historic Fourth Ward, on Lot 3, Block 48 of the O. Smith Survey in Harris County, Texas. Four thousand, four hundred graves, many of them unmarked or unidentifiable, occupy 5.2 acres.


They regularly have volunteer opportunities to preserve the cemetery and maintain its sanctity with careful attention to its history.The second Saturday of every month from 8am to noon, community volunteers are working to clean up our historic cemetery. All skill levels of work are available from chain saws to mowers to simply picking up trash. They are working from 8 am to noon, any amount of time you can donate will be put to good use!


The ToolBank was proud to lend it’s weed eaters for the landscaping on that hot July morning. The cemetery was alive with the sounds of mowing and the weedeaters carefully and quickly wacking at the overgrown expendable foliage that surrounded the graves. The sun was unforgiving , but the trees provided some relief. Although the ToolBank played a small part in polishing history, it makes a big difference in ensuring that the community’s history lasts into the future.

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