Harvey Resource Fair

We would like to give a special shout out to Jose aka ‘Punch’.  He goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need,plus he’s just a nice guy!

Hurricane Harvey Made landfall on August 17, 2017 and dissipated on September 2, 2017 inflicting over 125 billion Dollars in damage displacing over 30,000 people. Although it has almost been two years since Harvey has made landfall, many people are still suffering from the damage left in the storm’s wake. 


ToolBank is still offering free tool lendings for disaster work, and there are many Harvey-related community engagement projects for those who are recovering from the Hurricane; the Harvey resource fair was one.  Mardi Ward and her husband Jim Ward are with the Northeast Houston Restoration Mission centers of Houston. They periodically coordinate Harvey resource fairs for those who are still trying to recuperate, and are having a hard time getting connected with Harvey relief resources.


The Houston Community ToolBank proudly lends the Mission Centers of Houston our tools and equipment that they use at each After Harvey Resource Fair. For this fair they collaborated with Bethany Baptist Church to extend a helping hand in that community.



If NE Restoration had to rent all of the tables, chairs, cones, audio equipment that we use at each After Harvey Resource Fair, we put on...  oh my word! It would have cut into our budget significantly -~ we would not have been able to do as many events as we have, and therefore wouldn't have connected with as many families that are still in need of assistance.
Mardi Ward

The fair itself consisted of 12 vendors whose primary concerns are Harvey relief. Among them were:  Rice University ~ Recover Harvey Program, HOPE Disaster Recovery ~ case management, and New Covenant Ministries ~ Insurance advocacy. The ToolBbank is excited to support non-profits who connect disaster resources with people who don’t know how to move forward after an emergency. We look forward to many more Harvey -Relief related projects in the future. Please check out http://missioncenters.org/ if you would like more info on the organization.

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