Congratulations José!

Last week, our warehouse manager José Rodriguez was honored at Avenue CDC’s 4th annual Stories of the Northside event. In conjunction with University of Houston Downtown and Houston Metropolitan Research Center, the oral history event showcases stories from the Northline community, and also recognizes community members and nonprofit members who have helped make an impact.


As Avenue’s website says, “Since 2016, we have worked with community partners to document the stories of those who have lived in the community for generations, to celebrate their accomplishments, honor their experiences, and connect younger residents with the history of their neighborhood.


By connecting the past to the present, we gain greater perspectives on where we’ve been and where we’re going, and the important role each individual has to pay in the unfolding story of the Northside.”

José has been our amazing warehouse manager since September, and we are so proud to see him recognized by one of our most frequent community partners. Congrats, José!


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