Equipping helping hands with the tools to make a difference in times of crisis and after.

The Houston Community ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program serving other nonprofits (and disaster response groups) by putting high-quality tools in the hands of thousands of volunteers who are leading recovery efforts, repairing homes/roofs, restoring public spaces, and more−guaranteeing that every volunteer is equipped with the tools they need to get the job done. In times of calm tool lending projects include building playgrounds, ramps for veterans, home repair for low income households, school repair and environmental projects, etc. We have supported 1,000+ projects and 60,000+ volunteers.

During times of crisis normal lending is suspended to prioritize crisis response, and handling fees are waived. Over $200,000 in tools were loaned in the first days after Harvey to first responders and volunteers – click to watch news coverage. During “Blue Sky” (non crisis periods) tools are loaned for three pennies on the dollar per week, ensuring they returned in a timely manner for the next group to borrow.

The Houston Community ToolBank provides fast and easy access to large volumes of high-quality tools to increase the impact of service projects and community revitalization efforts.

Our vast inventory of 14,000 item is available year-round to charitable organizations such as:

      • Tax exempt organizations
      • Veterans groups
      • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
      • Faith-based groups
      • Civic organizations
      • Government agencies (and crisis groups)

Critical Harvey (and Irma) recovery items/tools are needed. Please donate today! Click > http://www.houstontoolbank.org/give

We’re thankful for these corporate sponsors.